Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Chocolate is a something that makes people smile.  When a box of chocolates is handed to you there is a sense of happiness and intrigue that comes over you.  When you crack open the lid, you are struck with an array of colors, shapes and sizes as you think…”WHICH TO TRY FIRST?”.   Well, it’s time to open your eyes to a new chocolatier that is bringing that satisfaction to many smiling faces! Glacier Confections!

Glacier Chocolates Color
Today I had the difficult task of tasting through these little gems.  I know, I know.  You would never want my job.  The overtime is terrible…

Anyway, these are a must try! If you are looking for the perfect gift for your sweetheart or just trying to buy yourself something nice, I can’t imagine you being disappointed. There is a flavor for ANYONE.  For the kid at heart, there are flavors such as Birthday Cake, Brownie Batter and Cookie Dough.  On the other side of the coin, there are beautiful natural flavors like Limoncello, Cape Cod, Boysenberry and Lavender Heart! Each flavor is distinct and recognizable which highlights the depths of each chocolate piece.

1. Beautifully made natural flavors!
2. Colorful chocolate presentation and gorgeous marketing.
3. Strong supporters of our veterans.

1.  SOME of the less natural flavors leave me a little underwhelmed (yet might be great to others).
2.  Some bubble formation in the chocolate shells.
3.  Thick chocolate shells on the bottom of some of the chocolates.

People, I am telling you that these guys do some great work.  Not only do they make great chocolates but they are huge supporters of our American heroes.  Check them out and order your box today!

*The Chocolate Plate was NOT paid for this blog post.  This is our true opinion.

Glacier Chocolates Open Heart

Glacier Chocolates Close Up

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