The Argument for White Chocolate

For years the debate has raged.  White Chocolate, is it CHOCOLATE or is it simply candy with a chocolate mask on? For those who love white chocolate the argument and answer is clear, “Of Course It’s Chocolate!”.  As for the dark chocolate elite, we can see them begin to gather their picket signs to run white chocolate out of town.

Lets clear this debate up once and for all and level the playing field.  If you are a staunch consumer of white chocolate you will leave this debate with solid ammunition to blow this dispute out of the water.  If you are a dark chocolate fan you will leave ever so certain that you have chosen wisely.  If you are a milk chocolate fan, well, just sit back and watch the fight!

For the white chocolate crusaders, here you go.  White chocolate IS chocolate! The entire definition of chocolate holds to the fact that what you are eating comes from the cocoa bean.  White chocolate does!! White chocolate is filled with cocoa butter.  That is why white chocolate is so creamy and smooth just like dark chocolate.  To the white chocolate lovers, we would say, even more so!  For a product to be called white chocolate it HAS to have cocoa butter in it.  So for all intensive purposes, white chocolate comes from the cocoa bean and IS chocolate.  ***Drop Mic***

Now to all the dark chocolate protesters with your picket signs, how can we let these white chocolate lovers get away with such heresy?  For we know the truth! We admit that white chocolate has cocoa butter in it but so do moisturizers from the supermarket!  White chocolate lacks the one thing that gives chocolate its true taste, smell and color….cocoa powder!  We know it in our “chocolate self-help groups” as cocoa solids.   But you white chocolate folks wouldn’t know of such a thing.  You are too busy with your milk solids, milk fats, sugar and cocoa butter, not to mention vanilla, to even care about such a delicious and noble ingredient.

Now, now…I didn’t come to divide but unite.  To unite in our love for all things chocolate.  To one, dark chocolate is king, and to another white chocolate cannot be surpassed.

One thing we do know, DON’T TOUCH OUR COCOA TREES or you will have to mess with the whole lot of us!

*Try a bar of white chocolate for yourself from one of the best in the world Amedei in Italy.

Author: thechocolateplate

We design the recipe, YOU take the credit!

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